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Family Intervention

  How Do You Know When You Need Family Intervention?

Family intervention is an intense form of family counseling. This occurs when members of a family have therapy sessions in an attempt to improve the mental health of the whole family, or of a specific person within the family. Another purpose of family intervention is to help everyone in the family understand disorders. Family intervention is intended to help the patient and their families solve problems that have occurred as a result of the addiction. They also work on managing addiction and other illnesses. Family counseling focuses heavily on informing the family about the disorder, while explaining medication and its purpose. This is also the time when treatment is discussed, along with an explanation of why it is important to stick to the treatment plan.

During these family sessions, they work on cognitive behavior improvements, as well as solving problems and improving communication throughout the family. It has shown that family intervention is helpful in preventing relapse as compared to treatment without family intervention. The longer the treatment process and plan, the better the chance of recovery. Family intervention can help the patient to feel as though they have the support of their family. There can be improvement in functioning, life quality, and even taking medication. When patients have family support, they are better able to stay in recovery and have less chance of a relapse.

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