Believing in you....

till you can believe in yourself 


What I do and how I do it


About me



“I have witnessed Gabriela work with women and seen her wisdom, dedication and unconditional love. She is able to instill hope in her clients and guide them gently beyond their current situation.

Sheena E. (former supervisor)

Gabriela is very compassionate , wise and thorough. She was instrumental in helping me to dig deepr and worke towards healing with addiction issues and an abusive relationship

Jillian B

I have gotten to know Gabriela as a passionate and gentle spiritual warrior. She is uncompromising in her love for the women she supports. 

Nancy C. (spiritual mentor)



Opening Hours

Confidential location

You can arrange for sessions in my office,

at your house or on the phone. 

Your convenience is paramount.

Monday – Wednesday  9AM – 7PM

Weekends on request

Nightshifts:..... possibly


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