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the cure for addiction is  NOT abstinence
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What I do and how I do it

Education on Addiction

A thorough understanding of what addiction is (and is not) is an important part of getting release.  Addiction is not a moral failure, a personal flaw, a weakness in character or spiritual sin. Addiction is something that is acquired, sometimes over years. The good news is: if it is learnt - it can be unlearnt. I can teach the person so addicted as well as the family about the signs of different addiction  and its responding withdrawal symptoms (i.e. alcoholism presents differently than say addiction to cocaine). I can educate on the resources and options out there (detox, treatment, day program, 12 programs , SMART groups) as well as how the family has been effected and why.

Family Intervention

Together with my partner Jody Takhar I can arrange for an intervention.  An intervention includes: pre-intervention meeting with the family and relevant others; preparing detox or treatment access; liason with other agencies; and preparing the family for all possible responses. When it is finally I-day (Intervention day) we hold the space safe and sacred with firm boundaries and truth-telling. Afterwards we will either bring the person to treatment and follow up; or support the family in their intention to heal themselves.


Coaching and counselling

I offer qualified and dedicated support to the person who struggles with addiction. This includes a thorough assessment, relapse prevention, recovery protection plan, planning for treatment, after care planning, and on-going coaching and/or counselling. 

Research into neuro-plasticity show  that mindfulness and other spiritual practices have a positive impact on re-wiring our brain, so I usually implement a short mindfulness exercise in the beginning of each session. Overall, I bring a holistic approach to counselling and coaching for the best results. Thus we will explore physical, emotional, spiritual, relational health and will make realistic and real life goals that will hold you accountable to make changes.

Support for the family

 I believe it is paramount that the family get an equal amount of support. Broken promises, nest eggs spent on numerous treatment centers, confusion, cover-ups, shame and lies might need to be spoken in truth in order for healing to start happening. I can provide a process where discouraged family members can be given the space to explore their own feelings and be given a voice. I will strongly encourage self-care and boundaries.  



I am a passionate counsellor in the field of substance use. I have supported people  from all walks of life for over 20 years. I have seen families being healed and men and women restored to health and meaningful life.


However, I have also seen the effects of addiction destroying a person and witnessed the devastating effects on families. I am keenly aware that addiction does not distinguish between highly educated, wealthy, and even influential people; and people subject to poverty, stigma and racism.

Working in the field of addiction, no "one shoe fits all" and so I have a variety of approaches available to offer my clients. In my experience it is essential to address underlying trauma or unaddressed grief in order to make lasting changes.

I have a good understanding of the family dynamics in this field and am able to equip the family with education and offer hope so they can better understand the role they can play in their own healing journey.

I am registered with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association and the BC College of Social Workers. My BSW and a counselling certificate have given me solid counselling skills and good understanding of the inter-connectedness of addiction and mental illness. I have an eclectic array of tools to draw from, ie Cognitive Behavioural approaches, family systems theory, Motivational Interviewing, trauma education and the use of spirituality as a vehicle to meaningful change.

Training, education and experience include:

  • A counselling certificate from VCC

  • Volunteer work with the Crisis Line Vancouver

  • A BSW from the University of the Fraser Valley

  • Work experience as a family counsellor at Community Services

  • Work experience as an addiction counsellor at Turning Point North Vancouver

  • Work experience in Corrections

  • Facilitating meditation and educational groups

  • SMART facilitator training

  • Facilitator training in the area of domestic violence

  • Facilitator training with the Pacific Postpartum Society

  • Knowledge of the child welfare system

  • Souls stream course (spiritual direction)

  • A lived experience with addiction and 20 plus years of supporting men and women struggling with it.



“Gabriela is very compassionate, wise and thorough. She was instrumental in helping me dig deeper and work toward healing with addiction issues and an abusive relationship."

Jillian B.

As a friend and mentor to Gabriela I have seen her heart for those caught in addiction and lies. She is a prayer warrior and dedicated to her own healing journey which enables her to speak powerfully into the lives of those she serves."

Nancy C.

I have known Gabriela as a supervisor and have seen her work with women struggling with addiction. She has shown ethical and sound judgment, never loses hope for her clients and is a joy to be around on a team.

Sheena E.



Coaching is a more directive and intense way of counselling and yet is often done on the phone. It involves goal setting, planing, assignments and follow-up. Coaching includes feedback and holding the client accountable. It is focused on the present and not so much the past.


The most effective coaching is to commit to the process by purchasing a pre-paid package.

4 hour session package            $ 250.- (tax included)

includes free hour of assessment, one in-person counselling session, and four follow-up sessions on the phone. I will be available for crisis-only phone calls - that is the nature of addition.


Traditional counselling is creating a safe environment to explore the issues that keep you from reaching your potential. Although goals are established, the process is less strictly defined and more creatively achieved. Often in counselling we explore the past to look for patterns and how they hold us back. Counselling goes deeper but slower.  I personally believe counselling is "grief work" that will enable you to move on. I hold a nonjudgmental space so you can get curious about your feelings and thoughts.

Counselling     $ 90.- / hour

(free assessment, goal setting in the initial session. The sessions are held person-to-person in my office or in the family home if helpful - i.e. for the entire family).

Many Extended Health cover my services. Please check with your plan by using my registration number

Family Intervention

My good friend and long-standing partner and me also can provide a family intervention. Intervention is not what you have seen on TV. Intervention is a place we can create to make it safe for the family (and friends, employer etc) to express how the actions of the person with addiction have affected them. An intervention is emotional work. The family and us get together and we speak truth, we explore consequences, we prepare options, we encourage each other to be strong. Jody and me will spend many hours preparing for "I-day", including researching and liason with treatment facilities, and educating the families. It is not an easy task and no guarantee for "success". But speaking truth in love and dignity is often a game changer for both the family and the person caught in addiction. Please contact us for more information.



Opening Hours

Confidential location in the Fraser Valley

(604) 209-7879

Monday – Friday  pm

Saturday    up-on requests

Evenings can be arrange,

on-line coaching offers flexible hours


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